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Ext. Hard Disk Question- can 2 be used?

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I have 2 of the 622 HD DVR's and have had a Fantom 500GB Hard Disk working for quite a while on one of the 622's. Last night I saw a 640GB Western Digital Hard Disk on sale at Best Buys for $99 so picked this up for the other 622 DVR.

Attached the new 640GB Hard Disk to the second 622 DVR and went thru setup fine and is working smoothly. But now I go back to my other 622 DVR and it comes up with an error screen saying it doesn't recognize any USB Hard Disk drive. This is the 500GB Fantom drive that has been working fine until now. I unplugged the power to it and then unplugged both ends of the USB cable- still the 622 doesn't recognize this Hard Disk anymore.

So when a 2nd Hard Disk is put on another 622 DVR then do I need to get DISH to do something on their end to allow 2 different Hard Disk to work even though they are on 2 different 622 DVR's?
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peano said:
Just plug it in. It will work.
That's the point- it does NOT work on my original Ext Hard Disk on the first 622 anymore. Once I setup the new Hard Disk on my 2nd 622 receiver then my other 622 doesn't recognize the Hard Disk that has been attached to it for 6 months. I unplugged the POWER and the USB cable and then re-hooked up but no luck.

I am at work right now and decided to call DISH. They were helpfull and put me thru to more advanced Tech support and then pt me old hold while they noodled this out. They finally came back and declared tha this was a brand new question that they had never heard before which I find quite surprising. They said most people just move the Ext. Hard Disk from receiver to another receiver but they weren't aware of folks having a seperate Ext. Hard Disk attached to two different 622 DVR's. But they said they rebooted my system to allow Ext Hard Disk on both 622's and to see if this helps. Will see when I get home tonight.
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Be sure that both DVRs have the same account code showing (menu,6,2,counters, use the little page downarrow about 6 times).
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