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External DVD burners

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I'm considering getting a external DVD burner for our laptop as it just has a cd burner/dvd drive but it wont burn DVD's. I have a Lite On and a Sony in my desktop I built and other than the first Lite On being bad I've been happy with both of them. Anyway I got to looking on Newegg.com at some and see they have a Samsung and Lite On cheap. I was also thinking about just buying a internal one and one of the external enclosures to mount it in but it seems like it would be cheaper just to buy a external one. I have one of the enclosures but I'm just not sure where it is. I could probably find it but just would rather keep it for when I need to put a hard drive or something in. Anyway I saw those two cheap ones and both got decent reviews. I would kind of like Litescripe technology but neither have them and I don't want to pay a ton extra for it so I figure I can do without. Anyway here are the two. Has anyone used them? Any opinions? Any other recommendations?



I'm leaning towards the Samsung as it will burn dual layer dvds at 16x for +r dual layer disks and 12x for -r dual layer disks where as the Lite On will only burn them at 8x. Other than that most things look equal. I've never been a huge Samsung fan as I've always just thought of them as lower end stuff. It does get good reviews although there isn't many of them.

Anyway which one would you guys recommend? Any other recommendations in this price range? I don't want to spend a ton on one as I in most cases don't need one for the laptop it's just going to be nice for backing up stuff where I can use a dual layer disk instead of 5 or 6 cd-rs. That's the main reason I want it but it would also be nice to burn movies from the camcorder while on trips and stuff instead of waiting until I got home to do it on the desktop.
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