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yes you can, but u wont be able to watch video from 1 on the other, it is assoicated with the rec that it is recorded on, brand is personal perferance and you need a external, there was a mass media device that was to work with these boxes went up to 2TB, connected though sata port havnt seen in a while, make it worth while get at least a 700gb external sata drive, Taking internal hdd from a leased hddvr not good, hope u own

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MicroBeta said:
There isn't exactly a recommend drive.

I use a Seagate 750GB in an Antec MX-1 enclosure.

You may have already seen these threads but they may help.



I agree. Issues seem to be related to the enclosures, more specifically the controller boards, and not the drives. In my opinion, any good name brand drive will do and it doesn't need to be especially fast. WD, Seagate, Samsung, Hitachi are all good drives. I'd shop for price.

As for cases, the Antec MX-1 seems to be a very solid choice but you do have to assemble it yourself which is very easy compared to say a baby crib.
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