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Not sure what your reply means.
Not your fault.

DIRECTV has been messing with LIL channels in the mapping and many markets show two copies on different channels. It appeared at one time that they might offer adjacent market stations but the reality was often just two copies of the local channel with one on the neighboring market's channel number.

Houston is a market that has these "virtual" channels:

Houston, TX KPRC NBC 2 A3 HD​
Houston, TX KPRC NBC 56 A3 HD Virtual​
Houston, TX KRIV FOX 26 A3 HD​
Houston, TX KRIV FOX 51 A3 HD Virtual​
Houston, TX KTRK ABC 13 A3 HD​
Houston, TX KTRK ABC 25 A3 HD Virtual​
Houston, TX KTRK ABC 7 A3 HD Virtual​
Houston, TX KYTX CBS 19 A3 HD Virtual​

I'm not sure how all of these present in the guide but I'm suspicious that channel 19 may be a copy of KHOU.

I'm not sure how the KPRC virtual shows up at channel 6 as it looks like it should be 56.
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Beware the Attack Basset
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Norfolk is "cursed" with five HD virtual channels:

Norfolk, VA WUND PBS 2 A3 HD​
Norfolk, VA WTKR CBS 3 A3 HD​
Norfolk, VA WSKY IND 4 A3 HD​
Norfolk, VA WRAL NBC 5 A3 HD Virtual​
Norfolk, VA WAVY NBC 10 A3 HD​
Norfolk, VA WTVD ABC 11 A3 HD Virtual​
Norfolk, VA WVEC ABC 13 A3 HD​
Norfolk, VA WHRO PBS 15 A3 HD​
Norfolk, VA WNCN CBS 17 A3 HD Virtual​
Norfolk, VA WLFL CW 22 A3 HD Virtual​
Norfolk, VA WGNT CW 27 A3 HD​
Norfolk, VA WTVZ MNT 33 A3 HD​
Norfolk, VA WVBT FOX 43 A3 HD​
Norfolk, VA WPXV ION 49 A3 HD​
Norfolk, VA WRAZ FOX 50 A3 HD Virtual​

Beware the Attack Basset
25,415 Posts
can you further define Virtual.
That would be something DIRECTV would need to explain. Early on, it meant that stations from neighboring markets appeared in the full program guide but if you selected one of them, it would take you to your local affiliate of that network (i.e. selecting WNCN's channel 17 would bring you WTKR's programming).
Does that mean like only available to NC zip codes?
I don't know the purpose, just that there are quite a few markets that are being confused by these virtual channels. I originally thought it may be a hint that "significantly viewed" channels might be in the offing but the duplication of the local channel on the neighboring channels confounds me.
I dont see NBC 5 , ABC 11, CBS 17 or fox 50 in my guide.
Are you certain that you're not using a customized guide?
also un related they recently changed my LNB so i lost the SD duplicates for my local channels.
This may get more urgent as they try to squeeze out SD LIL channels on DIRECTV 9S so they can be used for CONUS HD channels. The problem with this is that each of the five transponders they are trying to convert over deliver an average of 140 local channels versus five or six HD CONUS channels.

The waiting and waiting for the SD users to upgrade or fade away hasn't been working for a very long time and DIRECTV still isn't forcing the issue.
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