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Fantasy Football

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although i am already in 4 leagues.... i was thinking of starting up a 10 team league here. let me know if you want in and i will get a free one started on espn.com probably later this week or sometime next week.

1. dave29
2. jeffwltrs
3. cycomyco
4. fluffybear
5. 1kyardstare
6. mortimer
7. hillncharge
8. mdgolf
9. turey22
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I'll throw my hat in!
Yes, i would love to join. Count me in.
Sure, I am willing to join in another league..
I can be in - let us know the particulars if you still want to set it up.
I'd love to do this as well, let me know when!
If you are still planning on doing this league, then count me in.
if we get enough we will do it
dave29 said:
if we get enough we will do it
Count me in...
We need two more!!!!
jeffwltrs said:
We need two more!!!!
FWIW...I played with the guys here last year on NFL.com. I think it's much better than espn because of the live scoring and pts. You can literally be watching NFLST and 3 seconds after the play ends your yards and points update...very cool. The injury reports are better too...

I've played on EA/Yahoo/ESPN and didn't think the free games on those sites were nearly as good
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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