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those MORONS at SciFi have struck again.. this came from the online chat with a short while ago with David Kemper, Ben Browder and Brian Henson..

DK: Each and every year, at the end of the season
DK: we have a chat with you,
DK: our slightly bent cohorts in this
DK: wonderful adventure,
DK: and we wanted this year to be no different.
DK: However, despite our best efforts, this year is a bitt different from all the rest.
DK: In the past 24 hours, I have been
DK: innundated with emails and calls
DK: regarding rumors that are circulating
DK: regarding our joint passion.
DK: Where do we stand?
DK: We are two days away from shooting the last scenes
DK: of season 4.
DK: As you know, Sci Fi has picked us up
DK: for 4th and 5th seasons.
DK: However, as with everything done at a
DK: corporate level,
DK: there was an out clause built into Sci Fi's
DK: pickup schedule.
DK: As of yesterday, we were informed --
DK: after massive efforts by everyone at Henson
DK: and working on the show --
DK: most importantly Brian Henson
DK: and the 3 gentlemen
DK: here
DK: that Sci Fi was not going to exercise it's
DK: option to pick up the 5th season of Farscape.
DK: The rumors that everyone has been calling me
DK: about are sadly
DK: very sadly true.
DK: Tuesday will be the last time Ben dons the uniform
DK: of Commander John Crichton.
DK: We are all hugely sad.
DK: I am shaking as I write this.
DK: Yesterday, we all cried on the set.
DK: Yet, as we are, at the end of the line
DK: so to speak
DK: being just the people who make the show
DK: and not the corporate entities that fund and air it
DK: we are as helpless as anyone.
DK: And we are sad
DK: And we are shattered.
DK: And we are sorry.
DK: And we wanted to come online
DK: and talk to YOU,
DK: our core fans who have stood
DK: beside us for such a long and great journey.

As Ben Browder put it... "They're taking a chainsaw to Moya next week" meaning that the sets are scheduled to be destroyed within a matter of days.

They have two days left of filming for season four (and presumable the show will therefore end in a never-to-be-resolved cliffhanger because of the late notice).


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The way Sci-Fi has been tinkering with the seasons, dividing them up to air when the Networks are on repeats, was probably a hint. It has reached the point where I never turn on Sci-Fi intentionally. I don't like the bad movies they have airing in primetime now. I might watch repeats of B5 or ST or Sliders if I am lucky enough to catch them. But right now Sci-Fi is just a slightly more interesting version of TBS. I wonder if the people who took over TechTV are helping Sci-Fi. I can imagine the conversation "We we want to make the Sci-Fi channel less Sci-Fi. We can put repeats of the Golden Girls on several hours a day for just pennies" :(

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I think that Farscape was the best of the best.

1) Great writing
2) Great Character development
3) Great Sets
4) Great Puppets, how many shows had two puppets (Rigel and Pilot) play such an integral part of the storlines.
5) Great Acting...

The only thing that might have been a negative is that there seemed to be way to many "Parasite" or "LSD Flashback" type episodes. But it was still miles above what is out there.

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Vivendi is having a lot of financial difficulty at this time. They have a liqidity problem according to the Wall Street Journal. I wonder if they are trying to save money.

BTW Vivendi owns about 10% of Echostar... They also do Canal Plus Satellite service in Europe. They are a huge company. They are selling off some stuff to raise cash.


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the biz part of show seldom makes the right decisions...


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SG1 was only suppoede to go one season on Sci-Fi. So unless they plan to cancel the shows currently in production and in the can, SG1 will finish its run this year.

See ya

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FYI, it seems the fans of Farscape are already gearing up to try and save it. I have seen web sites already that have nothing to do with Farscape mention the cancellation and that it is a huge disservice to the fans.
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