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HR20-700, with eSATA 1 TB external raid 0, Sony 40 XBR2. Nuvo Sound system used for IR repeater. Software ver 0x254

So suddenly, pressing the fast forward or skip forward buttons on my remote will reset a recorded program to its beginning and pause it.

I have tried two different remotes as well as eliminating the IR relat system through the NuVO control pad IR receivers (i.e. I went in the electronics closet, took the repeater off the 'eye' on the HR20 and pressed FF on the remote and same symptoms.

I also had a recorded 'Conan' from last night that showed -3:36 time :mad: . It wouldn't play. When I deleted it. My system froze. had to hit the red reset button. When it came back, the offending Conan was gone, but still the FF problem persists. :nono2:

Called DirecTV, they could not fix it. Escalated to Level 2. Who knows when I'll hear. But effectively, we're stuck watching the commercials! Its a conspiracy... lol

Anyone else having this problem ?

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stevewoodward0130 said:
more info - sorry to keep adding info - but the problem ONLY occurs on the episode of Heroes I am watching. All other programs work fine. The play 'bar' also never registers any change in position. It always remains at 0:00...
Yes, this is unfortunate .. It seems that your recording is corrupted somehow. Please post this is an issue in the issues thread including the name of the station and time recorded.
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