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FCC Delays DBS Merger Review, Again

According to sources, the FCC said Friday it will further delay, until June, its review of EchoStar's bid to acquire rival satellite TV provider DirecTV.

In March the FCC halted its review of the deal because the two companies failed to meet a deadline to submit requested information about their operations and future plans. The FCC has yet to resume discussions of the merger.

On Friday, the FCC said the new local service plan was a "major amendment" to the proposed transaction and therefore would seek additional public comment through June 4.

According to sources, EchoStar filed for the merger back in December with the FCC, and under that plan the company aimed for local TV channels in the top 100 designated market areas (DMAs). In February, EchoStar filed with the FCC to amend that plan and go to all 210 DMAs. The company also filed an application for a new satellite. When this occurred, the FCC amended the plan, which opened it for public comment once again.

"We will continue to work with the FCC throughout the completion of the merger," said EchoStar spokesperson, Marc Lumpkin.

From Skyreport - Used with permission
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