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Fear and Loathing with H21-100

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I'm on my second H21-100 and both have had the same problem. After a power loss they sometimes go through a total reset, starting from Language Select. After completing the reset I have no local channels. D* was unable to reauthorize locals on the first box so they sent me a replacement. It did the same thing today. I also attempted to authorize over the web without success. I have 3 other boxes, an HR21 and 2 D12s and have no problems with them.

The Support person elevated my problem today and I'm supposed to get a call from a Resolution group but I have more faith in the opinions of DBSTalk than I do in D* support. Maybe someone here can help - I don't believe that 2 boxes could have the same problem.

Here are some pertinent facts:
1. 5LNB dish
2. Limited LOS on 119 (Does authorization come thru this bird?)
3. My real ZIPCode requires a choice of counties when looking at local channel availability on the website.
4. During reset satellite check 99 doesn't appear and 103(a) shows up as 32 n/a with an error.

Just for fun I tried a Reset Everything a while ago and entered 19040 (Hatboro, PA, a suburb of Philly) instead of 18062 (Lehigh/Berks County). The reset went normally with the same errors but this time I was able to reauthorize from the website. I'm not sure why this worked, but I'm not going to mess with Football Night in America. Local channels are the same for both zips.

After the successful authorization 99 shows up in the satellite list and has numbers from 90-99. 103(a) also shows 16 transponders but some have low strength
80 75 00 00 85 63 na na
na na na na na na 95 93
00 86 99 92 85 00 94 87
na na na na na na na na

One more thing - the boxes were used in different rooms and nothing in the cabling or multiswitch were touched.
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If you have limited 119 LOS with a Slimline 5 LNB dish, you will be unable to receive the back up Guide data stream, and you can expect erratic operation of some type to occur unless you take evasive action. You need to set your receiver to Autotune an SD channel every night carried by the 101 satellite, which carries the primary Guide data stream. CH 200 should be fine.

Your 99(b) and 103(a) tp signals can be expected to be all over the lot, since they are spot beams which carry the mpeg4 HD and some SD re-broadcasts of network local TV stations. The 99(a) and 103(b) tp strengths are the important ones, since they carry the national HD channels.

I don't have a clue about your local zip code/authorization issue. The local stations you receive are determined by your service address, not your zip code. I think the only function of the zip code with the H21's is to give dish aiming coordinates.
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