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Fear Factor

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Did you see the last episode where the contestants have to walk down a runway naked in a room full of people. Do you guys think you could do it? :eek:
I've always been, em, modest so I don't think so.
One girl did a cartwheel! OMG!!!

The other two challenges seemed like pretty good ones. The food challenge wasn't so much volume as gross.

The second challenge was eating up to 5 big ol cockroaches. The first girl bit her first one in half, keeping half in her hand. The half in her hand kept moving, and she freaked out and couldn't continue. The others did it.

The third challenge chained them by the ankles to a cement block & lowered them into a pool. They had to unhook a key off the cement block and use it to unlock the lock around their feet, then make it to the surface. One guy didn't open his eyes, and was trying to unlock his lock without first unhooking the key from the block! He and another guy couldn't do it. The cocky, obnoxious guy was first to complete it, in 36 seconds. We cheered when a girl beat him with 22 seconds. Then another girl beat her with 21 seconds! She was mom to an 18-month-old. We were glad she won.
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Love Fear Factor. Watch and/or tape it each Monday night at 8.

I couldn't eat bugs period! :D I could stick my head in a box, contraption and have bugs crawl around me though. Water doesn't bother me, so I could hold my breath (I'd have to practice again to get it anywhere in a good time), but heights are not something I'd be good at. I couldn't ride a bike across a small plank from one building to the next. I don't know if I could jump out of a helo or not.

For now, I'll just leave it up to others to eat, chew, get sick, get placed underwater and walk along a building to "get the cash". :)
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