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ffmpegx and HR20

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Hello all.
I have a HR20-100 and I am trying to use MediaShare to view movies that i've taken with my Canon digital camera. The movies are saved in AVI format. I am using eyeConnect 1.5.3 with my iMac computer. When I try to view the movies on the HR20, I see the name of the AVI file, but it has an X next to it and it cannot be played.

I've seen some folks recommend ffmpegx to convert the AVI files to something that the HR20 will recognize. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out which format I should use in ffmpegx (there are a ton of them). I believe the idea is to convert it to MPEG2, but there are several choices for that.

Can a ffmpegx user using eyeconnect please help out this newbie. Thanks.
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Get a copy of VisualHub, convert any format to any other. For the HR2x (and R22), convert them to MPEG2. A couple clicks and voila. :)
I normally use MPEG Streamclip with the "Convert to TS" option. For files that won't handle, ffmpegX works most of the time using MPEG-TS (some files have ended up with zero bytes, however).
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