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Fiber Connection Falls Out

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I am using a monster fiber cable to connect to my Bose system.

Whenever a slight move or I touch the cables in the back of HR20, the fiber cable falls out. It does not seem to have a very good locking mechanism. On other connectors using fiber, I have noticed a flip cover that moves when the cable is plugged in. I ASSUME this helps lock the cable into place for a snug fit.

Others having this annoying little feature?

Sure tempted to get the super glue out...:lol:
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My receiver doesn't have any flap doors and they typically lock fine. I like the flaps for keeping dust out.

As for securing the connector, my wife would recommend duct tape. :)

Merry Christmas,
Does seem to be a fix, but I am out since Christmas is on the way.

Another good reason to go to the Home Store.....:lol:
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