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Originally posted by Geronimo
TheFighting you speak of takes place in the NHL asd most of the minor leagues. While fighting is not unheard of in the NCAA or the juniors it is dealt with more severely and therefore does nt occur nearly as soften..

THe NHL could clean its house but has apparently decided not to. This appeals to a hard core of fans but may discourage others.
Most players in junior and other lower levels wear full face guards, making fighting a pretty pointless idea.

Last night's Islanders/Leafs game is a good example of why there is fighting in the NHL. The previous game saw two of the nastiest plays in recent years. First, Toronto's Gary Roberts spots Kenny Jonsson fighting for the puck in the corner. He charges full-speed from outside the blue line and slams him from behind (face first) into the glass, leaving him unconscious and knocking him out for the rest of the season.

Soon after, Toronto's Darcy Tucker goes low with a hip check right at Michael Peca's knee. The two of them have had a war of words during the series, and Tucker had repeatedly threatened to get Peca. Well he got him, all right. Peca's blown-out knee will be operated on later this week and he will be out six months.

These two vicious plays were reviewed by the NHL and they saw fit to issue no suspensions. This decision came a day after they suspended Boston's Kyle McLaren for only one or two games (the remainder of their current series) for nearly killing Richard Zednik with a forearm to the face.

The league tells the players to leave the discipline up to them, and then they don't take action when it's warranted. The league is essentially telling the players that if you want someone to be punished, then do it yourself. That's why they fight.

If you want to eliminate fighting, the league must get tough when disciplining violent actions. Roberts and Tucker should have been suspended for at least 6 playoff games (not regular season games), and McLaren at least 10 games.

There should be no tolerance for dirty play. These pro leagues will suspend drug users for as much as a full season, when their actions hurt nobody but themselves. Intentionally try to hurt someone else, and it's just part of the game?
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