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Fateswarning said:
Ordered today, just in time to still get free ST and the $5 discount.

The new flyer does not include ST & discount.

Also just in time to miss some of my favorite shows too, thanks Viacom.
I'd suggest thinking about canceling your order and putting in a new order on the 19th when Directv will be offering NFL Sunday Ticket Max for free for new customers.I think also the 2nd year of your contract will have a little more discount also.

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wilbur_the_goose said:
Just pay the darn $100 like the rest of us?
Called D* about getting the ST Max, and CS rep said that I would have to cancel and resign up. Didn't want to do that, so I sent an email on the morning of my install. The next day, a very nice woman called back from D*. She said that it would be no problem getting upgraded to Max for free since I was a new customer, and install happened after the new deal came out.
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