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Find Local DirecTV Installer

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I work for a school system and we have DirecTV at some of our schools. We are in the process of adding it at more schools with this program:


However in order to use this we have to find an installer to install the equipment. The company we have used in the past isn't doing as good of a job as we would like. (not so much the quality of work as much as getting them to ever come do the job)

Does anyone know where I can find local installers to contact to see if they can start doing our installs? The reality is I am pretty tech savy and have installed my own system at home however I don't have time to do it for work. (Nor will my boss let me) However we know how the system works and we know how we want it installed we just need a company to install the system per our specifications. We use modulators with our install as well so it is more of a MDU/business sort of install.

I tried doing a google search but that mostly turned up companies who do national work. We really are looking for someone local who we could also call for service if we ever have issues or that we can get replacement boxes from if they die etc. With the school program DirecTV will not help you to replace boxes or anything. You are on your own as they give you the free equipment up front and free service and after that you are on your own to get it running and to keep it running.
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