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FIOS MRV commerical

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This weekend I saw a FIOS commerical touting their MRV capabilities. The comercial had Kevin Garnett recording something in one room and then going from room to room asking the commentator if he could watch his recorded show and the answer was always YES.

I am sure those of you in FIOS markets see this all the time, but this was the first time I had seen it. It was very much in your face about the MRV capability that "cable" doesn't have. Satellite was not mentioned I guess because of E*'s goofy implementation.

In fact, it was really the first time I have ever seen any provider touting MRV. So the more that it is pushed as a feature, maybe the faster we will get it.
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There is an additional fee on top of the standard dvr fee for the MRV stuff and I believe it's still the same box so it only has a 160gb hd in the unit so you definitely want an external drive. Also I believe it's also limited to sharing to other non dvr boxes only and not between dvrs. It's definitely a slick piece of work tho.
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