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Had my first total lockup on the HR20 tonight. Here are the details Earl so you can pass it on. I don't have the latest version yet since I'm in the Midwest.

Heavy storms rolling thru tonight. Lost signal on all receivers around 9:45. By 10 the HR20 had the 771 message with the "more info" button highlighted. Picture still frozen. I check my DirecTivo and my E-86 and all is back to normal. I switch back to the HR20 and no keypresses on the remote work. Red button salute and all was fine 10 minutes later.

So unsure why the lockeup. First one I've had.

A couple positive things I noticed:
It was recording BSG and an HD game on 95. Both recordings were saved but 15 minutes short. I was afraid they would be lost due to the partial bug.
Second, it started recording the things that were scheduled at 10.

The storms are to continue the next couple hours so I'll see if the HR20 locks up again when I get up in the morning. It hadn't locked up before due to weather in the past couple months.
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