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Five LNB or Triple LNB? Which Dish do I need?

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I want to upgrade my home D* network at home, but I am confused.:rolleyes: My current dish is a old Round 18” LNB Dish.

The following issues are important to me.
1) I want to eceive local channels in HD (although not avaliable in HD yet),
2) I want to install 5 receivers and possible 7 receivers in future. I want to plan ahead.
3) I would like to only have 1 dish mounted on my roof. I really don't like my home to look like NASA and that I'm trying to communicate with ET on Mars.
4) Receive HD picture.

After calling D* to see what they could offer me as an upgrade, the CSR recommended that I upgrade to the following.
1- Round Dish 18” Dual LNB Dish (Local)
1- 18 Inch x 20 Inch Triple LNB DIRECTV Multi-SatelliteDish Antenna
1 - 5x4 Multiswitch

I tried to explain to him that I really wanted the Five LNB dish, but the CSR said I did not reaaly need the Five LNB. When asked why installing the Three was better, I could never get a clear answer. I felt like that the CSR was pushing me towards installing the Three LNB and the Round Dish only for the reason that D* wants to get rid of this unit before offering the Five LNB. Any advise? Thanks!!! :)
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If you want the HD channels. You will have to get the 5 lnb dish. That is the only way you will be able to get HD channels when the new sats go up next year.
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