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Flashing Timer - I can now turn it off!!!

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I don't know if this was a recent update since I still have L102, but 5 mins before my show was set to record the flashing timer flashed 3 times before I got message stating, "30 seconds to Fame is set to record in the next 5 mins, is this okay?" I clicked okay and the flashing timer went away!

I am so excited about this since I was getting annoyed everytime that it came on for 5mins.

Has anybody else noticed this?????
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All you have to do is hit the Cancel button, this has been a feature since day 1.
Thanks Darrell,

Actually after playing with it more I realized that I hit the enter key to turn off the clock.

I can't believe this has always been an option. I never remembered reading about it.
I wish they had it to where you can prevent the timer from coming up by default.
Amen! I've asked for this "feature" since the first day I got my 501.
I checked earlier today and L103 still has this problem!
This "feature" has been there for 4 years.
I did not think the 501 was 4 years old.
the 4000 which had timers and a blinking clock is
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