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Not sure if they are good or bad...

Question: If the show is recorded, and watched at a later time... it's included in these numbers, right?


If you love this show and want it back... you really need to tell your fellow Dtv subs to please record this show.. they don't have to watch it.. but if they would at least record it on Wednesdays, it may help.

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It's a little unclear to me what the numbers really mean. In MediaDailyNews the "kickoff" was described as follows:
DirecTV's experiment as a co-carrier of NBC's "Friday Night Lights" appears to have kicked off reasonably well. The debut episode last Wednesday--shown on DirecTV's own "101 Network"--drew more than 400,000 viewers. The show was available in 17.1 million homes.
This looks like a "live" number. It's certainly too soon to see a "Live + 7". The numbers aren't likely to be reported within the usual Nielsen discussions except out of curiousity because it is an experiment.

Retention of the show will depend either on NBC's numbers when its shown and/or how willing DirecTV is to subsidize the show as a marketing expense.
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