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A pastor's church was getting too large for him to cover
all of the duties so he had a clone made of himself. All
was going well, he could be in two hospitals at once
praying for the sick, attend two meetings at the same
time, this was his answer for his busy life.

Suddenly, the genes went crazy and the cloned preacher's
personality changed. He started making passes towards
women, yelling at drivers who cut him off, and making
obscene gestors. This concerned the pastor so he and the
clone took a day off and went to the Sears Tower, ate
lunch, and enjoyed the view from the top.

While the clone was looking at the skyline through the
telescope, the pastor pushed him over the side and that
was the end of the clone. When the pastor left the
building and walked past the crowd that had gathered, the
police stopped him and placed him under arrest. "Under
arrest"?? What's the charge?

Making an obscene clone fall. :lol:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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