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For those of you with FiOS internet + DirecTV

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I'm in an apartment and very recently Verizon came around to install fiber drops in each of our apartments. I have no plans to ditch DirecTV at the current time as I cannot give Sunday Ticket up. However, I would definitely like to sign up for FiOS internet.

As I understand it, FiOS gives you two options for cabling - MoCA (RG-6) or Cat5e. The setup I have currently is as follows:

Slimline -> HR20 (two dedicated wires)
OTA Antenna -> RG-6 port nearby -> communications hub in my closet -> RG-6 port in family room near TV -> HR 20
RG-6 port near my PC -> communications hub

The "Communications hub" is a panel in my closet that has a splitter that is supposed to feed cable tv to three RG-6 ports in my apartment. I've disconnected the house line and simply coupled two of the three lines to accomodate my OTA antenna. The third is simply disconnected (the one near my PC).

So now to my questions.

1. Can I run OTA and FiOS over the same wire without interference? If so, how?
2. I'd like to get greedy and get a SWM to ditch the two dedicated wires coming from the slimline and combine them with the OTA cable that uses the apartment's inside wiring. Can I also run FiOS over this line?
3. Will the FiOS tech run additional cable if requested? I'm on the third floor of a three floor apartment... and the coax runs just go from the "communications hub" up to the attic and then back down. They're not particularly labor-intensive wall fishes. I'd do it myself but I don't have a ladder to get up to the attic. Needless to say, the guys dropping the fiber recently were up there.
4. What do most people with DirecTV+FiOS do?

One crazy option is to take advantage of the fact that they ran cat5 cabling for the phone wiring in the apartment, and are simply not making use of half of the wiring. The distribution panel inside the closet says it is compatible with cat5e, though for whatever reason I am sure my management company wouldn't be happy with this ;).
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I would use the CAT5 wiring for your FIOS internet. You won't be able to diplex (combine) your OTA or DirecTV satellite (even with a SWM) over the same RG6 used by FIOS. And it will much easier to find network equipment compatible with CAT5 cabling than Coax cabling.
Do they offer Cat 6? I'd rather have that over 5e. I do agree keeping your internet over twisted pair rather than coax. Better noise control and balancing.
Hmm, definitely disappointing that I can't diplex the lines. I'm hesitant to change the inside wiring too drastically. But so be it I guess. Thanks for the responses!
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