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For WNBA, a Full-Court Press

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D.C. Team Thrives, but League's Staying Power in Question

The Women's National Basketball Association moves toward tonight's All-Star Game with both hope and trepidation about its future. That the game is being held at MCI Center brightens the mood, because Washington, its crowds large and supportive for the Mystics, understands. And the Mystics know most of those fans care as much about advancing women in every nook of society as basketball, and slant their marketing in that direction.

So successful has that marriage been that team president Susan O'Malley can utter the ultimate bottom-line statement many others in her position only dream about: "We make money."

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I heard rumors on the Jim Rome Show that the WNBA players may go on strike for more money ... I just wish the league would go away! Please strike ... I doubt very many people really would care!
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