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Former Customer . . . Always getting promo fliers (free HD or DVR receiver)

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Anyone know what kind of deal they will give you on a HD DVR Receiver? The flier basically says one or the other but who doesn't want both these days?! Anyone have any experience with trying to get a free HD DVD Receiver or do they just knock some money off? Trying to figure out what to ask before committing to DTV again. I'll have to admit, cable is convenient because I don't need four coax for two boxes, equipment on the roof, or uncertainty about who/how it will be installed.
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Go to the General Discussion Forum and there is a discussion about getting additional $240 off for new customers. There is great info on getting deals. For instance using AAA you get $10 off a month for 24 months, I also got a free HDDVR and a free SDDVR and a few orther things. I'm not sure how long ago your were a customer you may be considered a new customer. Good luck
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