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Fox is swapping the affiliations of its Minneapolis duopoly.

Current Fox affiliate WFTC(TV) will become the UPN outlet, while UPN affiliate KMSP(TV) will get the Fox affiliation.

An affiliation change was expected since Fox established its duopoly last year.

Fox took over WFTC in a swap with Clear Channel, and KMSP earlier when it took over the Chris-Craft group.

KMSP has had the stronger local news, morning and sports presence, in addition to the stronger dial spot (9 vs. 29), and will now gain Fox's stronger network programming.

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Yes,I know about it as they mentioned it on kmsp-9 news at nine. I knew this was going to happen about 1-2 years ago.

We have kmsp on cable here and have kqds-21(fox). so now with wftc-29(fox) and kmsp(upn) switching affilates. It will screw up those who won't upn tv up here in northern minnesota anymore.

You would have to have dish network to have upn. And i know more people here have directv than dish. Now what happens to a place to has 1-cbs,1-abc,1-nbc,1-wb network,and soon 2 foxs? I think it stinks and no more wwe smackdown. I know some wrestling fans up here won't be happy.

I just wish i could get directv to give the minneapolis,mn locals(all) up here,because we'll probably won't get any time soon here. I always thought satellite tv was the tv of the future and you always have great choices on what to watch and compete with cable. What a joke. Our cable here just went up and they only 4 channels. Pax,WE,WB network,and a religous channel. That's why i wish these locals would change for the better.Jack
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