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Boy, in reading that I have to wonder whose posterior Nellie Andreeva needed to kiss to say:
The pickup comes after Raising Hope delivered solid numbers when moved to the anchor 8 PM position in the two-hour comedy block Fox tried out while Glee is on hiatus....
"Raising Hope" in that 8:00 slot for five weeks delivered a terrible 1.7 million average in the demo and 2.4 million average in the 50+ crowd.:nono:

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I picked up on Raising Hope during summer rerun season, based on word of mouth. Now it's one of my favorites. I think it's even better than The Middle when comparing blue-collar, upper-lower class comedies.

With a third season on deck, I suppose it would have to have terrible ratings not to get the lucrative fourth season in hopes of syndication.

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spartanstew said:
Happy for New Girl and Raising Hope, but Glee?

Even my wife gave up on that show long ago.
thxultra said:
Surprised with Raising Hope, Can't say I know anyone that watches that show... Glee has also gotten to be aweful. Really happy about the New Girl though that show has been great.
The wife just killed the SL for Glee today and we had about 4 episodes unwatched.

As for Raising Hope, I watched season 1 on Netflix and couldn't stop laughing. Just waiting for season 2 to show up there.

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