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Fox Sports Midwest Jumpy??

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Seems to freeze and sound cuts out for a fraction of a second, then it catches up. Reset receiver, still doing it. Anyone else seeing this or am I having receiver issues??
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Most likely a problem with the channel feed.

But, check your signals strengths, especially if you are seeing this on other channels.
I am having same issue. Did reset and not any better. I will just blame bad feed on the Canadians. Lol
I saw it here once or twice in NJ during the Blue/Habs game
Flipped on a couple other HD channels didn't notice it; must be a bad feed. Still going on 3rd period, seems they fix that usually by then.
I've noticed it a lot. Since others are seeing it I'm glad it's not my receiver. I've noticed it on NBA games. I have the league pass and have seen it skip (or judder, drop frames, whatever it is) across many of the regional sports feeds - Fox Sports Net/Comcast Sportsnet, as well as NBA TV and TNT. The last 3-4 days it hasn't been showing up but for the week prior it was getting annoying. It doesn't freeze, it's split-second skips of the picture with the audio sometimes giving out. I'm hoping somebody fixed it. I never saw it on the standard def channels and I flipped over to my DISH Network receiver and it wasn't doing it.
It's been real bad during the last couple Blues games. Very annoying.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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