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If you had the money, which team would you buy? Are you kidding? Who the hell wants to own a baseball team? The people voting all lost their shirts buying stocks at $7 a trade, and now we think their opinion is important on which team they'd buy?
And then, which stadium is the loudest. We have no data. We get exactly as much of the noise as the audio engineers at Fox feed us, no more, no less. If the engineers turn up the gain, they can make a library sound louder than the Metrodome. I live closer to Minnesota than to Anaheim, and I went out on my porch and I couldn't hear either of them, so who am I to judge?

To compare the noise of a domed stadium to an open aired one is idiotic anyway. Plus I notice they get the "answers" to those questions after like a minute, like that many people are really sitting at home on their laptops or at a computer watching the game hooked up to the internet and vote in those stupid polls. It's probably the same 5 idiots voting on everyone.

I hate the Virtual Manager, because of the stupid questions, and I rarely pay attention to them, but because it shrinks the screen so much when they put that crap up there. I want to watch a game, not see what a bunch of dopes want to ask people about some insignificant thing.

:lol: I feel better now!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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