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Free CAD software

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A friend of mine is lobbying his employer to become the principle designer of the new kitchen layout at their restaurant. He told her that he feels eminently qualified to assume that responsibility because he has drawn up a lot of nice restaurant blueprints previously, as recently as 1986.

So how do we bring my friend into this century, nee, into the last two decades of the previous century, without him spending any money? He probably has Windows Vista or 7 and has been able to add software programs to his computers by himself for over a decade.

When I searched for "free" CAD software, the first few listings were either for a free trial before purchase or required extensive pre-registration, which I fear may drag some spyware into his computer. If there is no was to avoid preregistering, I suppose he could use any old workstation computer and a Yahoo address to keep himself isolated from his CAD software benefactor.
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lost4now said:
A lot of non-cadd people like Visio, I don't. I don't know of any free cad programs. I use AutoCad, MicroStation, and I have used Solidworks. None free and I would think difficult to learn without help.
I like Visio for flow charts and organization charts. If you're into stamp collecting, you can also create your own album pages easily with the program.

MS Paint for serious CAD work? I don't think so...
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