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"n3vino" said:
Since I have free HD for life, I created a new customer dummy order just to check how they charge for HD. I notice the there is no charge for HD and no charge for whole home, but the advanced DVR charge is now $20.00 with a ten dollar credit for 24 months. Then it goes up to $20.00

On my statement, there is an HD charge of $10.00 with a $10.00 credit with auto bill pay. Then there is an $8.00 charge for advanced DVR and $3.00 charge for whole home.
So far, that's a charge of $11.00 for all three items after the $10.00 credit for HD.

I wonder if my billing will remain the same after my contract is up next year? If they leave the HD charge with credit, and raise my DVR and whole home to $20.00, then it will show as $30.00 of charges with a $10.00 credit for HD, for a total charge of $20.00. That wipes out my HD credit for life.

Does anyone know how that will work for those that have free HD for life?
The $20 charge is not Advanced DVR. For all new customers the HD, DVR and Whole Home DVR are combined into a bundled Advanced Receiver package for $20 a month. The bundle has a savings of $1 a month over the price of each individually. Accounts created before Feb 9, 2012 are unbundled.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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