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Free Showtime

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E* has a free weekend from 6-21 to 6-23.
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I dont mind free weekend, but I hate it when I subscribe to a channel and it has a free preview and they keep putting up the 800 number to order while the show or movie is on.

As a paying subscriber to COmmercial Free TV Channels I should not have to see ads on my screen just so they can gain some more subscribers.
Yeah I hate when Starz does that, it makes the movie less enjoyable.
I don't mind the 800 number up in between shows, but it is quite annoying to see the number up during a movie.

Heck, I wouldn't mind commercials in between shows.
What they do between shows is fine with me.

However watching a channel which I PAY for and seeing "Call Now to Subscribe" messages on the screen are very upsetting.

If they are giving people a few days free of the service shouldn't at least my bill go down for the month? Why am I paying full price when others are watching the same thing for FREE!
Does DirectTV ever have those free weekends?
Just called D*, to tell them to put the full $$ of NFLST on my bill so I can pay it now...

Told them that I was interested in any "Promotion" they might have running...the CSR said he wasn't aware of any. I said I "might" be interested in some premium movie channels this summer.

He said he could offer me Showtime free for a month. I said "I'll take it!" Sure, Showtime isn't HBO...but at least it's free.

A little bummed I didn't get more than a month. After all, I just shelled out the big bucks for NFLST...but hey, it's free, so no complaints here.

There's a possible solution to the "I hate free preview weekend 'cuz of the stupid phone numbers." Call the CSR and ask for a freebie, and have your own "free preview," which'll last you at least a month. If they say no, call back in a few days and ask again. You'll eventually get "something for nothing." :p

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I dont sub to any premiums but I do think DBS and Cable should give price breaks to those who do subscribe, especally when Dish has a 2 week free preview of the Starz Super Pak.
Kenster, DirecTV does have free prviews. Not too long ago they had a free weekend of TC Platinum. I don't think they really advertise it so keep an eye out here.
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