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Free Starz Preview extended.

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I couldn't find any reference to this: Starz preview continues this weekend for everyone.
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This is off of the home page for Directv:

Spy Game

On his last day at the agency before retirement, a by-the-book career CIA agent (Robert Redford) learns through covert channels that his protégé (Brad Pitt) has been arrested for espionage in a Chinese prison, and that the Chinese plan to execute him within 24 hours.

See New Hit Movies with the STARZ Super Pak Free Movie Weekend October 11, 12, 13. (CHANNELS 520 - 533). The STARZ Super Pak is the Best Movie Value on DIRECTV!

©2001 Universal Studios

This can be found at www.directv.com and just click one of the little boxes that says "Free Movies."

Hope that helps.
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Spy Game, great movie! If you haven't already be sure to check it out this weekend
Well maybe I shouldn't put Starz! back on my bill. Seeing the only time I can watch would be on the weekends. And they are giving a free preview two weekends in a row.
Adelphia Cable screwed up the free Starz Weekend to some subscriber areas - that's why the preview is extended
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