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For years I was using an HR23-700 to drive both a component and HDMI display at the same time (usually just component alone). But over the last several months we started to notice intermittent freezing (could happen multiple times a day, or once every few days). I leave the HR23 on all the time, and typically I will turn on the component display, and then sometimes turn on the HDMI display.

Freezing here = whatever is on the screen (GUI, show, both, whatever) stops moving and remains on screen, and audio stops; after a few minutes the box will reset on its own.

I thought it was a defective receiver so I had it replaced, but the freezing has happened since then with the new receiver. I have another HR23-700 in a separate room (closer to the power inserter) where this issue never happens. The sat signal strength is the same for both receivers, and when it's not freezing it's working fine.

Through some testing I'm suspecting that the freezing is happening after turning on the HDMI display (which perhaps activates some of the HDMI functionality in the HR23-700).

Any thoughts or prior experience with this theory?
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