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Frequency Translation Module (FTM)

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So, is there any other information on the proposed FTM's other than the image in the shareholder presentation and numerous press releases from chipmakers?

I'm a tad curious on implementation. Given all the documentation on the latest hardware says no diplexing for the MPEG4 IRDs, and the lack of the WB68's ability to include a built in BBC, I'm pretty much to the point where I need to run 3 cables to eack room (even if it is a newer house, this is still a real PITA).

I'm curious if the FTM will include the capability to also stack on OTA signals from an antenna since the KA Lo-Band will be upconverted, and I assume there should be no interference with the introduction of my only OTA station which broadcasts on 680 - 686 MHz.

Detailed info, or product/install guides would be great to have.

For now, I was thinking of hanging the BBCs on 2 of the WB68's outputs, then diplexing the OTA (after the BBCs) to the HR20 for a worst case scenerio of 2 cables to the living room. Otherwise, I have 2 other IRDs which are the older Tivos...

(I believe the above was suggested in a thread about the BBCs, and was currently being performed with success)
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No-one can as yet claim "success" with relocating the b-band converters since right now there are no Ka-lo signals coming from the satellites. When DirecTV 10 starts transmitting (launch is forecast for May I think) then we shall see if the configuration works. It should do, but......!!!
More information about the FTM and how it will apply to DirecTV should be comming in early 2007
Very true, but it does seem a viable option until they "flip the switch" so-to-speak. When things quit working, or when it is likely to happen, it will probably be an interesting topic here on the forums.

Earl, thanks for leaving some bread crumbs on the subject. I spent a while this evening trying to find the patent described in application #20060225100 at freshpatents.com in the USPTO database so I could view the actual images. No such luck...
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