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Friday Night Lights OAD 10/01/08

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A great episode. Tami as principal works well. But her taking football money and using it for academics may get her lynched. After all this is Texas football we're talking about.
The only complaint I have is there's no closed captioning. For my 65 year old ears the cc helps.
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Loved it, Loved it, Loved it.

They didn't miss a beat. Best show on Tv.

Loved Billy and Riggins Jesus talk
Loved Tyra's mom asking Landry to fix her toilet.
Loved Coach's face when his wife, the principal told him that there wasn't going
to be any Jumbotron, the money is going towards school books instead.

Thank You Directv for stepping up!
I know I've been getting on your case lately.. but I will always be grateful for these
13 episodes. Keeping my fingers crossed we get 13 more next season! :)

Fred, maybe a email to Dtv asking them for CC would help?
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Crap. For all the threads about it around here I still missed it. :(

Will have to see if they're replaying it sometime.
Just saw that Wednesday night's episodes will be replayed on Fridays at 9pm. :)
Absolutely spectacular episode! All the wife and I hoped it would be, and more. Kudos to the writers, the cast and DirecTV for keeping it alive. /steve

PS: Great review in today's New York Times, but don't read it if you haven't seen the episode yet.

http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/01/arts/television/01ligh.html?scp=1&sq=friday night lights&st=cse
Great show....really liked the fact that there weren't any commercials either. Football from season one meets off field drama and angst from season two. Should be a great 13 episode season, the first of many more seasons to come.
Great episode and was very happy to see some football played.
This was an excellent episode only bolstered by the fact that it was commercial free and roughly 52 minutes long (vs. ~45 minutes). I'll jump on the Thank You DIRECTV bandwagon as well.

According to the previews, next week is commercial free too... are they all going to be commercial free?
The only complaint I have is there's no closed captioning
I agree was kind of irritating.
I feel so sorry for Matt :)
spunkyvision said:
I feel so sorry for Matt :)
Me too, but something tells me the new QB's dad is gonna self-destruct. His kid is awesome, tho! /steve
I guess my wife and I are in the minority. We both thought the episode was one of the series' weaker efforts, perhaps because of the exposition necessary to explain what happened between the end of last year and the beginning of this year.

Still, a weak FNL is better than most shows. And they set up some good conflicts for the rest of the season.
Is anyone watching?
What happened to Jason Street?
spunkyvision said:
Is anyone watching?
What happened to Jason Street?
No mention of his whereabouts so far, IIRC. I did see him in next week's coming attractions tho. /steve
ahh.. thanks Steve. I didn't think they mentioned him yet but I tend to forget easily..lol
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