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My parents moved to a Frontier area in Tennessee. Right now they just use dialup, but I've been looking into their options for broadband. In my looking, I found Frontier put in their Acceptable Use policy that 5gb a month is what they consider reasonable. On other pages, they say that while the plans offer 5gb of traffic a month, they won't do anything if you go over.

Things keep changing, but this page has a lot of info:

One question, is anyone here from Crossville, TN? I'm trying to see if they have any other options. It looks like part of the county is served by Comcast, but their section uses a company called Spirit cable, which I can't find a web page for. A google of their phone number hits on a company called "Small Town Cable." I can't find a web page for them either. For some reason I'm wary about them using an ISP that doesn't have a web page, and their cable gets worse rain fade than my DirecTV.

Any suggestions?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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