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FS San Diego Audio

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I have a 5.1 home theatre system and have noticed in all three Padres games, the audio appears not to even be pro logic during the game? I believe I only hear audio come out of 2 speakers yet when the commercials come on, then I'll catch the audio format change to either pro logic or even 5.1. Have any of you others noticed this? So far FSSD is the only rsn I've seen this happen on
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I can't speak for Padres games, but I know it's fairly common on various RSN's for the audio signal to be 5.1, but for only two of the channels to actually have audio. I've even encountered a telecast a couple of weeks ago in which only the center speaker had audio, even though a 5.1 signal was being sent by the channel. It would be nice if the channels would only output the audio channels actually being used and allow us to use our AVR settings to control how we hear the sound, but apparently there are a number of channels out there that don't like to do that.

Better yet, do all games in 5.1 in the first place and be done with it.
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