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FSN Detroit ?'s

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Ok I see we finally have our own FSN alt in the guide. Is this replacing the previous FSN+ channel? Is this going to be in HD like Chicago has or do we need to have a 664 -1 added to the guide? It seems to me we have just as much sporting events going on as Chicago and they have like 3 alts in the guide. C'mon D* show us some love we are a big time sports market too! Main question here is the Nebraska game gonna be in HD for us?

Thanks Millertime
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yes, it is replacing the fsn+ channel. If it has any hd content, then yes their will be. However, if they have no hd content for it then no. It will not be in hd on 664-1. Yes, when it is available on an fsn hd station. You would need sports pack in your case to get the hd feed.
Not now, No hd content (ie pistons, red wings, tigers in hd on it).
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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