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Fun Quiz -- TV Sports Personalities

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Good luck!

1. First sports commentator to win an Emmy. BONUS: Name his son, whom Leslie Visser credited as a significant factor when she recently left ABC/ESPN.

2. Has sung with Huey Lewis and The News several times, and has appeared in a video with Hootie and The Blowfish. Has appeared in many motion pictures as himself. In 1995 was listed #90 in The Sporting News' Top 100 Most Powerful People in Sports.

3. From hosting the Olympics to his own network talk show, was once the play-by-play voice of the ABA's Spirits of St. Louis.

4. Co-hosted the first "Sports Tonight" broadcast on June 1, 1980; in 1981, when the scheduled announcer for TBS had to pull out because of illness, he did play-by-play on the first national cablecast of a NBA game.

5. Has parted ways with ex-major league 2nd baseman husband. First movie gig was "Heat" with DiNiro and Pacino but all her scenes ended up on the cutting room floor.

6. Besides being an emmy award winner, credits include Olympics, World Series, The Masters, the Kentucky Derby, US Open golf, US Open tennis, the Final Four, and the Super Bowl. As a 16-yr-old HS student, interviewed Muhammad Ali for local radio station.

7. Mississippi State Bowling Champion at age 10, she played basketball at Southeastern Louisiana University, becoming the school's third best female scorer and rebounder. At one point she thought about dropping out to join a naval aviation training program, but changed her mind when she didn't pass the entrance exam and her parents wanted her to finish school.

8. Played HS basketball for the legendary Morgan Wooten, drafted in the fourth round by the Atlanta Hawks and also by Denver of the American Basketball Association, and has won multiple emmy awards.

9. Listed as one of "101 Sexiest People, Places and Things in LA" -- came to LA by way of a gig as anchor and heath reporter at TV station in Norfolk, VA. Cameo in last season's FOX series "24."

10. With his brother's (also a TV celebrity) encouragement, applied for position as sports announcer at Chicago TV station where the announcer he replaced, Dennis Swanson, went on to become president of ABC Sports. Now at CBS, he's also worked for ESPN, NBC, MSG and WFAN.

11. In 1965, he worked a baseball telecast with Jackie Robinson in the afternoon and covered the Watts riots that same night in Los Angeles; In 1958, while at KOMO Radio and Television in Seattle, he did the first live sports broadcast from the Soviet Union to the United States. One of the first things ABC sports President Howard Katz did after replacing Steven Bornstein was to ask this gentleman to return to broadcasting after a six month retirement.

12. Former Ram cheerleader (4 years) and cheerleader/director/choreographer for Patriots and Falcons moved into tv (regular on the Aaron Spelling soap "Sunset Beach," appearances on Frasier, Cybil, has appeared in over 200 commercials) -- in 2001 LA Times called her "the hardest working person in sports."

13. Valedictorian and tennis captain in HS, graduated with a double-major (Spanish and Foreign Affairs) from the U of VA, this sideline reporter's father was eye doctor for the Baltimore Colts.

14. Covered the NFL for The National where he was one of the first writers hired by editor Frank Deford, his credits include two Pulitzer Prize nominations and a George Polk award.

15. Graduated magna cum laude from the University of Maryland with a degree in broadcast journalism, this sideline reporter was an an Academic All-America selection (gymnastics).

16. A varsity tennis player and Orange Bowl princess in college, this sideline reporter's father was a QB for the Eagles.

17. Entered broadcasting on a dare -- as a sophomore at the University of Houston, his golf teammates Blaine McCallister and Fred Couples dared him to ask NBC for a job during the Houston Open tournament. He spoke to the producer and was given an unpaid job shuttling NBC announcers around the course. The following week he worked as a spotter for NBC at the Byron Nelson Classic, a golf tournament in Dallas.

18. After graduating college, taught elementary school for a year then took a job as a feature writer for Newsday that included a weekly column on rock music. Now has regular sports column as well as daily tv and radio shows.

19. An all-star defenseman in the Montreal junior leagues, this college football studio host received a scholarship and played hockey at Western Michigan University from 1974-76 and was the main sports anchor for City-TV in Toronto from 1980-82.

20. Used to co-host the NFL Today show with 1971 Miss America.
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1. Jim McKay (Bonus: Sean McManus)

2. Chris Berman

3. Bob Costas

4. Fred Hickman

5. Jillian Barberie

6. Chris Myers

7. Robin Roberts

8. James Brown

9. Lisa Joyner

10. Greg Gumbel

11. Keith Jackson

12. Lisa Guerrero (Coles)

13. Melissa Stark

14. Chris Mortensen (other sportswriter to win George Polk award -- Red Smith, 1951)

15. Bonnie Bernstein

16. Jill Arrington

17. Jim Nance

18. Tony Kornheiser

19. John Saunders

20. Brent Musburger
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