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Funniest types of bloopers and other funny plays

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In this thread, I want people to talk about types of bloopers that they think are the funniest as well as other funny types of plays. Here are some that I like.


I think it's hilarious when some guy puts a crushing block on a kicker during the runback, especially if the kicker is not looking.


It's always funny when there is a miscomunication among the outfielders and no one ends up catching what should have been a routing pop-up.

I also find it funny when a guy makes a horrible throw to get the force out at first base, especially when the throw goes way past the first basemen.


When a guy has a breakaway dunk and blows it. That's the easiest shot there is, and it's always embarrassing when a player misses one.

Some of my funny moments and memories were:

-When Bernie Kosar threw a pass to Dino Hall (I beleive) and he didn't look to see if the pass was coming and the ball hit him right on the helmet.

-When a guy scores in his own net is always funny. Paul Coffey did it with the Red Wings a few year ago.The look on his face was worth the price of Admission.

-Another good one was in a game between Ottawa and Colorado during the 95-96 season (This one was on the "Ice Hot" video). An Avalanche player took a slapshot but it goes high over Damian Rhodes (Senators goalie), deflects off the glass, comes back over the net, bounces off Rhodes' foot, and goes into the net.

-Gus Frerotte(then with the 'skins) head butted the mats after a touchdown, in celebration, and ended up missing the next game because he sprained his neck.
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