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FX to add programming

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FX will expand its original programming soon, possibly with two new sitcoms and another one-hour drama to join the network's 'toehold in original programming,' The Shield.

Executives told the country's television critics, meeting in Pasadena, Calif., that comedian Paul Reiser is developing a half-hour pilot for the network. Also, a drama called Snitch is on the network's slate.

The executives showed only a brief, but well-received, clip from one show under development, and that was from Lucky. Sex and the City veteran John Corbett will star in that comedy, about a man who becomes a millionaire by winning the World Series of Poker, only to lose it all.

The clip demonstrated that the show will continue to push the taste envelope: As the Corbett character sits in a café discussing his money woes, a friend is visible in the background, repeatedly throwing himself on the hoods of passing cars so he can extort money from apologetic drivers.

The network is also sticking to its schedule of four original films per year.

The next production, schedule for Aug. 25 is RFK. The biopic of Robert Kennedy is based on material by Kennedy insider Richard Goodwin, and it features English actor Linus Roache (The Gathering Storm) in the title role, with James Cromwell (Babe) as Lyndon Johnson.

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