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DirecTV is running a new subscriber offer that offers savings over the entire 24 months of the required contract. This is the offer valid until -02-08-2012, with $31/month savings for months 1-12 and $16 savings for months 13-24. They do not expressly state that the rates are locked in, but on their 2012 rate increase page, they state:

Please note: Our price adjustments affect only our regular, non-promotional rates. If you're currently paying a promotional price for your DIRECTV base package, you will continue to pay this price for the remainder of your promotional period.
I wanted to know what they consider to be the "promotional period" during which the new subscriber price would be locked in. It seems the period goes for the entire 24 months of the contract, because the offer has savings in both the first and the second year.

Here is the transcript from an online chat I had with them today:

FYI, HTH someone.

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I just wish that DirecTV would have a promotion for long time subscribers.
I know I could call and ask what they could do for me, but it would be nice to just do something for us. And I don't mean the anniversary gifts which many times you don't know you are getting and when they do tell you it's not for something I'd use or want. The last one I got was for 3 months of Showtime. I wasn't interested at the time so I DID call and got a 3 month discount of $10. That was nice, but I shouldn't have to do that. This type of thing just clogs up the phone lines to the CSRs. But, then this does give them a chance to talk you up to another package.
I know once 2/9 comes I'll be checking out the packages and see if I can save a buck or two.

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Following up from the other thread, I did contact DirecTV via e-mail. After several e-mails back and forth, unfortunately, I was unable to get a clear answer. Below is the latest response I received.

Dear SleekComputer,

Thanks for writing. I understand your concern regarding the promotional pricing and I am happy to clarify.

When you activate with a promotional offer, this is the price for 12 months with rebates and as long as the account remains in good standing. It's very important to note that the promotional offer is generally for 12 months but the programming agreement is for 24 months.

The price is not guaranteed after 12 months unless you have a 24 month promotion. Please note that we do not always have a 24 month promotion available but when we do, the rebate is less in months 13-24 than in months 1-12 so the price would still be more.

Our promotions are varied and are subject to change if not accepted at the time of inquiry and we are unable to guarantee an initial start up price quote by email. You may also be eligible for discounts and other special offers that would affect the price of the service. Please understand that if you are ordering online or with an agent, the price quoted at that time is correct.

We have some exciting new offers that make it one of the best times to sign up for DIRECTV. There are two ways for you to get immediate responses to all of your questions and begin enjoying DIRECTV:

For information about our current offers or to place your order online in just minutes, simply go to directv.com/getdirectv. You can also call us at 1-800-DIRECTV from 8:00 AM to 1:00 AM ET daily to get answers to your questions.

I hope you find this information helpful and I appreciate that you've given me the opportunity to personally address your concerns. Thanks again for writing.

I guess it's one of those deals where it all depends on who you talk to.

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The promotional price is the 1st 12 month discount. The $16 discount the 2nd
year is guaranteed as well, but it will be off the regular price of the package that that time, or the pricing that is going into effect later this week.

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Thanks everbody.

Just a note, if the rate does goes up 4% in the second year (in the past, their rate increases were 4%), it comes out to about $3-$4 a month, depending on the programming package.

@shade228, all these details only apply to anyone who qualifies for the new subscriber promotional offer that - at this moment - is set to expire Feb 8, 2012.

@mattscahum, The promotional price for both years is discounted off the full price, just at different discount amounts. Here's a screengrab of the Shopping Cart page that shows how they structure it.

@SleekComputer, that email is very wordy, but IMO it comes to the same conclusion:
The price is not guaranteed after 12 months unless you have a 24 month promotion.
That answers your question and IMO it's the same answer I got yesterday.

I feel comfortable that the information I have is enough, but I can totally understand if someone wants more reassurance. Just ask them your questions until you feel confident about your decision.

@Anyone who finds this thread in the future, please note that it's about an offer for qualifying new subscribers that is set to expire Feb 8, 2012.

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I am coming back to DTV after a little over a year, this offer is what got me back. Free HD, Free HD DVR, $35 for 12 months of extra, 3mos of movie channels.

I had dropped DTV because I lost my job, still haven't found a job, but I can afford this. Was using WMC and basic cable until today they dropped a bunch of channels off of basic. I would go from $21 a month to $70 a month just to get those channels back and not much more. Also was getting cable internet and basic and internet was $70+ a month, all they would do is drop it $10 for 12 months. I can go to DSL and DTV for less. Only bummer is a slower speed on internet. Oh well, I will survive.
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