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G4 got added today to Insight Cable and I have to point this out to all:

This channel makes TechTV look like Masterpiece Theater. The first thing I watched was a whole hour of video sequences from Star Fox 64, Sonic Adventure 2, etc and thats all it was: video sequences.

One okay show was an interview with the cast of XXX. However the host was annoying with such questions as "Can Vin Diesel Kiss Better Than Me?".

I cannot see this channel even lasting 6 months. I know....Comcast owns the channel, but still......this is one channel that Dish could use to make a comparison of cable and its own service.

"We have such quality channels as National Geographic, History Channel, and Boomerang. However cable has less channels; costs much more than cable; and even some channels that you wouldnt want to see.....like G4"

I thought MuchMusic USA was the worst channel I ever experienced watching. I was wrong. G4 is much, much worse than MuchMusicUSA.
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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