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G4 got added today to Insight Cable and I have to point this out to all:

This channel makes TechTV look like Masterpiece Theater. The first thing I watched was a whole hour of video sequences from Star Fox 64, Sonic Adventure 2, etc and thats all it was: video sequences.

One okay show was an interview with the cast of XXX. However the host was annoying with such questions as "Can Vin Diesel Kiss Better Than Me?".

I cannot see this channel even lasting 6 months. I know....Comcast owns the channel, but still......this is one channel that Dish could use to make a comparison of cable and its own service.

"We have such quality channels as National Geographic, History Channel, and Boomerang. However cable has less channels; costs much more than cable; and even some channels that you wouldnt want to see.....like G4"

I thought MuchMusic USA was the worst channel I ever experienced watching. I was wrong. G4 is much, much worse than MuchMusicUSA.
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I would subscribe to digital cable since I have a standalone TiVo, but Comcast doesnt carry DIY, Biography, History International, Fine Living, and few others... I know GoodLife TV is off, I think there is a universal ban for this channel so I dont even bother anymore. Maybe the Comcast execs should realize by not wanting to pay Hearst and Scripps $.10/mo/sub for these channels, they lose a customer who would pay $70/mo/sub in additional to my cable modem. Then they'll wonder why they need to cook the books to make subscriber revenue look higher.

Instead they made room for G4 which isnt supposed to be great. They also spent alot for the production of this channel, and only Comcast and Insight are carry it, and not even in analog.
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