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Gator = Scum

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I guess it boils down to who owns the page that appears on my screen,
not the page that is sent by a given web site.

I've always asserted that I own my screen, therefor, I own the text, data
and images that appear on my screen. The analogy is when a magazine
publisher sends me the latest issue, I "own" that copy and can do with
it what I wish, within the limits of copyright and trademark law.

Because I own my screen, I can allow (or not) other sites to push content
to my screen on top of the images and data of sites which I have expressly
chosen to view. I also have the option to delete spurious content offerings.

That Gator has developed the technique of pushing content to my screen
is between me and gator. That I choose to accept such content is up to me.
My usual response to pop-up content is to dispatch them into oblivion.

Nickster :cool:
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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