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Just wanted to say Thank You to all of the knowledgeable folks on this board. Have been here lurking for quite some time and used to post more often, but time at work and home does not allow me to spend much time on here anymore.

Having been away from what is the most recent technology advancements with DirecTV, I had an interesting receiver swap out this past weekend that the folks at DirecTV could not solve with the first two phone calls I made to them for help.

I had an HR20 with a bad hard drive and having the protection plan, they sent me a refurb unit, an HR21. Our home was updated maybe 2 years ago to the whole home system with SWM etc.

When changing out the HR20, there was quite a few things hooked up to the back of it: Coax from wall to splitter to band stop filter to satellite 1, splitter to DECA to satellite 2. Once I connected all of it up and got the HR21 up and running and activated, could not get any whole home listing on the DVR. Checked my connections again and noticed the DECA was not lit up. I had satellite picture though. Called into Tech Support and they could not figure it out, they then submitted the ticket to some special handling group who would call me back.

In the waiting for a call back, I did some searching here on DBSTalk forums. Found right away the proper way to hook up the HR21. It appeared that I did not need a splitter, did not need band stop filter and to use only the DECA into satellite 1. Unplugged the HR21, disconnected and removed the splitter and BSF, then reconnected the coax through the DECA to satellite 1 and plugged the power back in and the DECA showed some life. Went through all the setup and was finally getting an IP address in my network range.

Along with the HR21 swap, I was able to secure an AM21(free) OTA tuner as the HR21 refurb I got does not have an OTA connection. I do use it on this particular TV just in case a big storm comes through that I need to keep track of.

I know I got long winded, but just wanted to say THANKS to all that contribute with their knowledge. Probably save me another couple hours trying to figure it out with DirecTV over the phone.

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Glad you got everything working!

This board is definitely a great reference. I've learned so much from my time here and it has made me want try and give something back to the community. So, yes, thanks to Chris, all the hard working posters, and Mods here at DBSTalk! :up:

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Yeah thanks to all the regular contributors. You all know who you are. I just lurk around for nerdy reading material.
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