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I called DirecTV customer service and asked about adding DirecTivo to my account.

Sure enought - I was told that it is available in my area (Washington, DC) and that it would cost me $100 plus shipping and handling.

I told them I will get it if they waive the shipping form me. The lady was nice and she went ahead and placed an order for me for just $100.

I could have probably negotiated a better price or simply gotten it for free through retention - but I decided not to bother.

Interestingly enought - the next day - as soon as I arrived from work - the coveted box was waiting for me..

I connected it to my OTA AM21 tuner for local-in-local broadcasts. I also had a spare DECA unit available - so used it to connect my DirecTivo to the Internet (I have a Swim 16 - DirecTV Whole Home setup already in place).

I could not resist the temptation - and upgraded the internal hard-drive to 2TB. It has been 2 weeks - really happy with the unit..

I get DirecTV-on-Demand. And I can't wait to download and try the Tivo Desktop software.
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