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Okay...My R15-300 will not record two shows at once or let me watch another channel while it is recording.

System test says Tuner 1 and Tuner 2 are OK. Signal meters on Tuner 2 is at zero. I tried switching the two cables and a 771 on Tuner 1 error message popped up on the screen. I switched them back to get rid of the error message. For some reason, there is no error message for the cable when it is back on Tuner 2. This has happened before and I just had to reset it quite a few times.

I tried going through the system setup the other day to test the signal meter strength and make sure I was getting a signal in the 80's+. Everything looked fine going through the setup. However, once I was back on live TV I noticed that the feed for my local channels are now playing national channels. NBC is playing the feed from channel 100 and FOX is playing 24 hours of infomercials. Tuning to channel 100 shows the correct national feed.

I had my installation in Sept of 2007 before they sent their techs out with KA/KUs for all installations. I have to have a separate dish for my local channels since I get my locals from the 72.5 satellite. I don't have any HD receivers but have one DVR and one Standard IRD. I thought it was kind of odd, but figured the tech knew what he was doing when he had his trainee install my two dishes, when they installed a 1 LNB dish for national channels and a 1 LNB dish for my local channels. There is a multiswitch as well. For some reason, I thought, by default, most homes without HD would get a 3 LNB for national channels.

But, I could be completely wrong. I think, somehow, my receiver and dish setup are not communicating correctly in order to get the national and local channels to display properly. The last time this happened I did the reset factory defaults and that fixed the problem, however, I forgot that it would erase everything on the hard drive. So, I do not want to try that option again unless I have to.

Is there another option that I can try other than resetting factory defaults and having a tech come out? Is there something on the dishes or multiswitch that I can check?

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The recording (Tuner 2) error you're getting could easily be a cabling issue, especially if you're having an error occur when you swap cables (Tuner 2 to Tuner 1).

In regards to the channels not matching the banner information, you may want to go through the Satellite Setup again (Menu --> Parental, Fav's, & Setup --> Satellite --> Repeat Satellite Setup). Be sure to select appropriate dishes (Round and then the Additional Dish for 72.5° locals). If you're still having trouble, try logging into your account online and doing the troubleshooting for "Channel Not Available" (Support --> Sound & Picture). You'll want to "Refresh Your Service" and choose the appropriate access card. If that fails to resolve the issue, I'd call into DirecTV. Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (800.531.5000).

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When you first turn on (or restart) your DVR it checks for a good signal on tuner 1 and tuner 2. If it finds a signal on tuner 1 but none on tuner 2 it just assumes you only have one cable and no error messages appear. It also programs itself to give you error messages if you try to record 2 shows at once or do anything that requires 2 tuners at the same time.

HOWEVER if it finds a good signal on tuner 2 but none on tuner 1 it gets all excited and won't operate properly (and it lets you know about it!) ;)
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