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I have a HR20-700 receiver and I receive OTA signals from two markets, San
Antonio and Austin. I have a roof antenna with a rotator. I have good signal
strength from both markets. The last few days I started receiving the Searching
for signal on OTA Tuner 771 on some of the Austin stations. (Austin is the secondary
market). I checked the signal strenght for Austin and it is from 70 percent to
nearly 100 percent for the stations. The pictures are good. The 771 message comes
up on the PBS station on both of their channels however the signal strength is
84 percent. I cannot get the banner to go away. If I record the station it plays
back without the 771 message. I reset the receiver and also had the receiver
search for all Austin stations again. The problem persists. I cannot find any way
to make the message go away. Any advice on what has happened and how to
correct it. Thanks Jack Bulverde TX
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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