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Gold Promotion

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Upgrade to America's Top 250 with our Gold Promotion and don't miss a moment of the action. There's simply no better way to see all your favorite sports.
Does anyone know the details of this promotion?
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If you upgrade to AT 250 from AT120 you get $25 gift card.
If you upgrade to AT 250 from AT120 you get $10 gift card.

Not great, but OK if you are upgrading for Olympics only.
"Steeloc15" said:
Does anyone know the details of this promotion?
See the bottom portion of what I posted in another thread:

CNBC is in Dish America ($34.99/month). MSNBC and Bravo are in Dish America Silver ($49.99/month). NBC Sports Network is in Dish America Gold ($59.99/month). So, it looks like a sub could sub to Dish America Silver for the online content based on the information provided that says CNBC and MSNBC are needed. Dish America Silver is $49.99/month while America's Top 200 is $59.99/month if anyone is subbing solely for the online content for the Olympics. FMI on Dish America packages: http://www.mydish.com/downloads/Channel-Lineup/DISHamericaChannelGuide.pdf

In terms of Dish Latino packages, Bravo is in Dish Latino Dos ($44.99/month). CNBC is in Dish Latino Max ($57.99/month).
FMI on Dish Latino packages:

In addition, Dish is doing a Gold promotion* for the Olympics for those subbing to AT 120, AT 120 Plus, and 200 who wish to upgrade to AT 250. FMI: http://www.mydish.com/redirects/promotion/gold-promotion/

I know that some may not see $10-$25 as much, but it is not everyday a company rewards you to upgrade your service.

*Offer valid for DISH customers who currently subscribe to America's Top 120, America's Top 120 Plus or America's Top 200. Must call to upgrade to America's Top 250 and mention offer at time of upgrade. The current price for America's Top 250 is $69.99/mo. America's Top 250 will roll to pay on your account at the regular rate. To change your programming, visit mydish.com/myprogramming or call 800-333-DISH (3474). Difference in package price for the first month will be refunded by mail as an American Express Reward Card. America's Top 120 and America's Top 120 Plus customers will receive a $25 Reward Card and America's Top 200 Customers will receive a $10 Reward Card. Maximum value is $25. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Limit one Reward Card per DISH account activation. May not be combined with other special offers. This Card is provided pursuant to a loyalty, reward or promotional program and can be used only at US merchants that accept American Express Cards except cruise lines, casinos, ATMs, and recurring billing. © 2012 American Express Prepaid Card Management Corporation. American Express is not a sponsor of the promotion and is not responsible for administration or fulfillment. © 2012, DISH Network L.L.C. All rights reserved.
I did it last night and upgraded from AT200 to AT250 so that I have access to all of the Olympic channels and can use my DVR on them. Kind of a no brainer if you are in one of the lower tiers and want full Olympic coverage. Cancel after 30 days and there is no cancellation fee.
I was also offered a $25 gift card for subbing to Showtime, so I took both and after about a month I 'll drop back down to AT120 or 120+.
Does anyone know how long this promotion will be available?
Aren't there fees for dropping to a lower service level unless you had it for x months?
phrelin said:
Does anyone know how long this promotion will be available?
Probably after the olympics are over, or the end of August.
After 30 days - no fees for dropping down in service.
Yep, 30 days for no cancellation fee. So to do it for the Olympics, it is a No Net Increase. Just a time shift on your money as you wait for the Amex gift card.
I'm bumping this thread as I am curious if anyone has seen their gift card yet ~ and if so, how long did it take to get?
The CSR indicated the gift cards would not arrive for 6-8 weeks. It is only a $10 card for me so not sweating it. It gets here when it gets here.
phrelin said:
Does anyone know how long this promotion will be available?
I'm bumping my question to see if someone has an informed answer.:)
Just talked to a csr in the Loyalty dept. He said that this promo runs until Aug. 12th.

I have the AT120 pkg. and wanted to get the NFL Network and Big 10 Net. for the upcoming season. I mentioned the lack of AMC as something that was holding me back before. He offered me $10 off per month for 24 mos. with no commitment if I switched to the AT200 or 250. I asked if that also included America's Siver pkg. and he said yes. So I switched to that and will end up saving $5/month for the next two years and get more channels:)
GB1 said:
just recevied my gift card!
Same here - arrived today.
Mine came yesterday.
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